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Hat Noren Black

Hat Noren Black

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Handcrafted hat made from felted residual material.

This hat is made from a thin felted mix of 49% cotton 8% nylon 43% royal baby alpaca. The hat is light weight, thin, airy and has a little bit see through effect.

The hat is made from residual material that remains after making initial models. These models are necessary to achieve a good design and fit, but first initial models often need some adjustments. It would be a shame if these models end up unused. I came up with the idea of felting the material while the sample was still in its original shape, creating irregular seams in several places, and turning it into hats. Each hat is therefore unique and available in limited edition. 

The hat range is part of the Head_Stock series. The name is originated from a combination of deadstock and head.

This item is exclusively available at Devastator, Van Oldenbarneveldstraat 124a, Rotterdam.
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