Care & Washing_

How to wash wool_

Wool is naturally stain resistant, odour resistant and also crease resistant, so actually requires less washing than other fibres. Always check the care label of your items if it indicates hand wash, machine wash or dry clean.


Hand wash_

turn the garment inside out, fill a tub with luke warm water, add a wool detergent, check the instructions on the detergent for the correct quantity, mix the water with the detergent (by hand), put your item in the tub and soak it for ten minutes, Rinse the item in luke warm water, (do not rub because that causes felting), and do a final rinse with cold water, you can squeeze slightly to take out most of the water.

Machine Wash_

turn the garment inside out, add a wool detergent, check the instructions on the detergent for the correct quantity, select the wool wash program on your washing machine. If your machine does not have a wool wash program than select delicate washing program. If you have a fine knit item I would recommend to put it in a roomy laundry bag to prevent the washing machine drum from damaging the material. 


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Dry Clean_

if the care label of your item indicates dry clean, please take it to a good dry clean specialist.
All Jennifer de Bruyckère items are washable by hand or machine and we avoid dry clean out of environmental concerns.

How To Dry Wool_

Follow these simple steps and your clothes will look, feel and smell as good as new in no time.
You just simply lay out flat your item in the correct shape on a towel and let it dry by air, out of direct sunlight. This way your knitted item will not stretch out or wrinkle. If you have a woven item, like dress suits or blouses, just hang them on a hanger and let them air dry, out of direct sunlight.
Do not use a dryer, they can get too hot and make your items shrink.


How To Store Your Favorite Items_

It is important to always store your knitted items folded. If you have seasonal items you want to store you can store the items best in a storage box because this way you have less change of moths, moulds and dust.

After wearing it is best to air your clothes in a place where direct sunlight cannot reach the item. You can temporarily hang it on a thick hanger. A thick hanger ensures that the weight of the knit is better distributed and that no shape of the hanger is left in the garment.
After hanging out, it is recommended to store the article folded.

How To Mend Your Favorite Items_

We believe your favourite items should last a lifetime.
Due to the delicate nature of the knit structure, knitwear is sensitive to simple wear and tear.
Please remove jewellery prior to trying on or when putting on your favorite garment and keep the knit away from harsh surfaces.
Harsh surfaces such as Velcro or certain accessories can damage the knit irreparable.

Nevertheless it can occur your item need some mending.
For mending all you need is a needle and thread.
If you're not so sure about your own skills you can always go to your local tailor or contact us.
We offer a repair service at our local studio in the Netherlands for all original Jennifer de Bruyckère items.