All the items are offered in our special developed size system.
Because we think size doesn’t matter but the way you feel in your clothes is more important we don’t want to pin point you to a certain size or gender.
All our clothes are genderless and suitable for everyone.

We offer our garments in 4 different sizes.

one size_
style is only available in one size. One size articles have a wide fit range. 

is for when you like to wear things a bit tighter or for when you are not that tall

stands for the most common fit for most lengths and figures

is for people who are tall or people who like to wear things oversized


This size chart is only meant for indication, to help you choose what fit will be good on you but it is not a fixed advice.

We recommend that you don't get stuck with a size guide, but that you choose the style and size that suits you best, how you want it to fit your personality.