The eponymous knitwear label was founded by Jennifer de Bruyckère in 2013. After a long career in fast fashion she realized something had completely gone wrong with how we perceive clothes and fashion, and she could no longer ignore how far she herself had drifted away from her initial love for clothes and workmanship. So she decided to follow her heart and ambition to set up and pursue a more sustainable way of developing clothing.

Having studied Textiles at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and having a degree in men’s tailoring she combines craft with creativity. At the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, she first became acquainted with knitting and ever since she is hooked on knitwear. From the very start she worked closely with the most renowned Italian manufacturers and yarn suppliers and recently she started a new collaboration with a Dutch knitwear studio and got educated in programming flat-knitting machines.

Jennifer designs sustainable pieces of knitwear and clothing made from the finest natural materials such as mulesing free merino, trying to contribute something special in the wearers day-to-day life.

Thoughtful design meets precise tailoring combined with an artisanal approach, creating an elegant and strong mood in every piece.

Influenced by modern art’s abstract movements, such as constructivism, Jennifer de Bruyckère creates conceptual contemporary designs by shaping geometrical planes into edgy, unconventional silhouettes.

A process of observing, draping, constructing and tailoring. Exploring the possibilities in material, cut, shape and technique to merge all into refined knitted garments.

“I develop all items piece by piece, through research and experimentation based on one core concept or idea at a time. These items are presented in editions and are available simultaneously. All items are made in limited quantities and are available in a limited range.

I see my work as a way of communicating my thoughts and ideas. It is like a blank canvas on which to project my ideas and bring them out into the world. Sometimes I think of them as wearable art or wearable pieces, not necessarily clothing or fashion. For me, fashion is about developing and wearing your own style as a reflection of who you are as a person, regardless of what’s in style. You hand pick from fashion to endorse your own unique personal style.”