Jennifer de Bruyckère stands for a sustainable way of life and durability as well as extraordinary design.

Jennifer on responsibilities in fashion:

“With my designs I try to contribute to change – for a better fashion future and a more conscious way of life. This has an effect on the complete process: from initial design and selecting materials to production and logistics. Every step in the process is carefully considered in regards to the impact thereof and solutions.

All my designs are made from natural materials with a focus on mulesing free merino wool. I avoid using petroleum based materials because of their negative impact on the planet. Besides making these better choices, which are at the start of a new design, I also offer a repair service and I’m looking at how to integrate a marketplace for pre-owned items. Everything is done step by step and within my capabilities.

My manufacturing partners and suppliers are all based within Europe, who work according to various established and globally renowned organizations and values such as the UN sustainability standards, Oekotex, CBD (Clean By Design), BCI (Better Cotton Initiative). This way I’m sure my partners are as committed as I am to have a positive impact on the future of our planet and people.

Recently I started a new collaboration with a Dutch knitwear studio. This way I can work with smaller batches of yarns, keep it close to home so we have a lower Co2 impact and it gives me the opportunity to develop a new approach for a made-to-order knitwear collection. This new approach is a totally new concept and is characterized by its tailored design method. Fashion driven by instinct with a conscious approach throughout the design process.

For me it is not only about using natural materials and thoughtful design, but also about being conscious about the choices I make in my daily life. I use my bike on a daily basis, I don’t eat meat and I hope that I can be an inspiration for change. The fact that I work in fashion can probably raise question marks, when you say you’re responsible, but for me doing fashion is a way of life and in the end, we all need to dress. We all need clothes, so why not be the best version of yourself and have a positive impact at the same time!”