Responsible Knitwear

With a commitment for a better fashion future Jennifer designs responsible pieces of knitwear and clothing made from the finest natural materials such as mulesing free merino, trying to contribute something special in the wearers day-to-day life.

Thoughtful designs meets precise tailoring combined with an artisanal approach, creating an elegant and strong mood in every piece.

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Geometrical Planes Reconstructed_

My core inspiration comes from the de Stijl movement. Grown up in the city where Theo van Doesburg initiated de Stijl movement I already got engaged at a very young age with his work when visiting the local museum.

Perhaps you are not familiar with the De Stijl art movement? No problem, I will tell you more about this.

De Stijl was actually the search for a timeless design language. And it is precisely this timelessness and their abstract design that inspires me. No ornaments or lines that refer to a specific historical era. Abstract and concrete. This abstract approach gives me the space to work as freely as possible on the development of new forms. No frame of reference, no trends or other fuss, but an independent form.

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