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Platvorm_ The Concept



Platvorm_ is an exploratory collection in which I investigate the feasibility of developing garments that are completely made up of geometric panels.

The collection Platvorm_ was born out of my need to find a better and more personal way to design and make fashion and in which I can combine my sense of material and design aesthetics.  I was also looking for a way in which I can respond better to the demand and needs of the customer and where less pre-production takes place.

All designs from this collection have a geometrically shaped base that can be used in different ways. This creates different garments based on corresponding geometric shapes. The dimensions of the panels are predetermined. Only the materials differ per panel size. By dividing and knitting these specific geometric shapes per yarn, I am flexible in making the desired garment. All materials come from our own stock, they are surplus yarns that have been used with previous collections. The materials used are all in 100% mulesing free merino or in combination with cashmere. The materials come from New Zealand and are processed into yarn in Italy. Because I work with surplus yarns, there is also a playful whole of color combinations and each design is unique.


The execution of all the items in this collection took place in my studio in the Netherlands. To underline the construction of these pieces all seams are visible on the outside. For me exposing the seams is a reflection of the beauty of the craftmanship, revealing the process of making and the constructing of the garment.

The panels are knitted entirely in the Netherlands at the innovative and creative KnitwearLab.

The collection Platvorm_ is the reflection of a personal journey in my search for a better understanding of my own design aesthetic in which I can combine my sense of material and design aesthetics. At the same time I was looking for a way to work closer to home and be less dependent and finding a more flexible way of working in which less pre-production takes place and to have more possibilities for made-to-order and finding new ways to design and make fashion.

With Platvorm_ I have found a way to use my design aesthetic in a sustainable way and to be flexible in production. It is a concept that can serves as a blueprint for my future collections.

As this collection is an exploratory collection, the items are only available in One Size and in limited edition.



The photos were made in collaboration with Woody Bos.

Without ever meeting, introduced by a mutual friend, a shop owner who thought he recognized two like-minded spirits. We only spoke on the phone and following this, Jennifer sent a package of collection items to Woody resulting in this beautiful series of photos.

Jennifer about the collab: „For me it was a completely new way of working, not knowing what to expect, and no art direction or any influence on my part. But it felt safe and I could completely let go of control. It actually felt really good and I'm happy with the result, something I could never have imagined myself because I would have stayed with the items themselves and the conditioned way of thinking about fashion photography.”



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